Telluride Mountain School Student Work
Art Teacher
7th/8th, & 9th-12th grade cohort art classes
Outdoor & Experiential Education trip leader

Bellarmine University Student Work
Adjunct Professor
Digital Foundations, Spring 2021, 2020 & Fall 2020, 2019
Video Art, Spring 2021, 2020, 2019 & Fall 2017 
3D Design, Fall 2020, 2019 & 2017
Sculpture: Time & Context, Spring 2017
2D Design, Fall 2016

Indiana University Southeast Student Work
Adjunct Professor
Intro to Video Art, Spring 2021 & Fall 2020, 2017
Digital Art: Survey & Practice, Spring 2018, Fall 2017 & Spring 2017

Kentucky Institute for International Study Student Work
Summer 2018 Study Abroad Faculty
Florence, Siena & Rome, Italy

The Graphic Travelogue - Drawing III
Art of the Italian Renaissance - Art History

Hanover College Student Work
Visiting Assistant Professor
Environmental Art, Spring 2019
Illustration 1, Spring 2019
Drawing 1, Fall 2018
Photography 1, Spring & Fall 2018
Photography 2, Fall 2018
Sculpture 1, Spring 2018

University at Buffalo SUNY Student Work
Graduate Teaching Fellow, Instructor of Record
Intro to Digital Practices, Fall & Spring 2015-6
Intro to Digital Photography, Spring 2015
Public Space, Fall 2014

Quotes from Student Course Evaluations

I was able to practice an art that I am unfamiliar with in a supportive environment while being encouraged to think deeper about what I was creating.
Bellarmine: 3D Design 2019

We were able to learn the process of connecting to a place, as well as develop a relationship with the area and build a connection to the space using our senses and emotions. It also helped us to realize the importance of patience and observation as we took time to sit and relax in our space and notice the big and small details.
Hanover: Environmental Art 2019

Todd is the reason I am an art major. His critiques are always accurate and helpful no matter how defensive we get with our work, he easily integrates new ideas and techniques into different works that we do, and he creates a wide variety of mediums and materials for us to use which challenges us to be better.
Hanover: Illustration 1  2019

Todd taught me to have confidence in my artwork and to go with my gut on my ideas. They usually don’t steer me wrong. I like that even though I wasn’t the best in the class that I could still feel proud of my work. Even if in critique people might tear it apart. You take those corrections and apply them. This class was like a team.
Hanover: Illustration 1  2019

Todd is one of the best Professors I've had so far. He not only teaches us with patience and kindness, but he pushes us to be better. He would tell us to push the boundaries and to not think about it too hard. He told us to simply draw, and that's what we would do. He has inspired me to take risks not only in my own art, but my life as well.
Hanover: Drawing 1  2018

I learned a lot about drawing and have seen a lot of improvement in myself because he pushed me to not be such a perfectionist and just let myself create something special.
Hanover: Drawing 1  2018

I found this course's way of looking at the world in a new perspective to be very effective on my academics and me as an individual. He was always excited and passionate about making new art pieces on the regular which motivated and inspired me to find that fire inside me.
Hanover: Digital Photography  1  2018

I think that Todd's allowance for breaking the rules in a project was also effective in allowing for our creativity and ideas to guide our photography to make it less forced.
Hanover: Digital Photography  1  2018

Todd MADE this course. As a senior that was very nervous about never taking an art class for the first time, he was very willing to work with me every step of the way. I truly appreciate his time, patience, and understanding. I felt like I grew even further in my liberal arts education and in becoming an even more well-rounded individual because of this class. Todd took the time to get to know us personally, and really cared about our personal well being. I was very nervous about presenting work in front of others, but his constant reassurance made me feel proud of myself and what I was able to accomplish.
Hanover: Digital Photography  1  2018

I really just loved how close our class got, he really made the room a comfortable learning environment that I felt comfortable making mistakes and learning from them which is something I really value in a professor.
Hanover: Digital Photography  1  2018

Todd treated all students with respect and dignity. He never told anyone "NO, you can't do that." Instead Todd took whatever ideas we had and helped steer us in a direction where we could create the strongest work, using the ideas we presented. Any technical questions we had, Todd would answer, and if he couldn't then we found out together. Todd encourages students to look at angles they may not have considered and seek opportunities in unexpected places. Todd listens to his students earnestly and genuinely wants us to succeed.
IUS: Digital Art: Survey & Practice 2017

First off, Todd Smith was an amazing instructor. He kept the class engaged and the subject matter fresh. He is able to challenge your work and was able to give the proper push to find solutions to problems that may have come up. Personally, I was able to find direction with my own work because of his mentoring. Working with him was probably the best part of my first semester in this department.
UBuffalo: Introduction to Digital Practices 2015