WholeCommunityKY is a digital platform focused on the cultural drivers of trust, hope, and belonging with active and retired teachers in Jefferson County and Breathitt County, Kentucky. 

Together, through an arts-engagement designed by Todd C. Smith and the site’s Action Groups, we will examine the actions and questions that active and retired teachers experience in their everyday lives, and facilitates connections and group discussions. This will include looking at the belonging of participants, and conclude with recommendations about how we best move forward as a community in support of, and in partnership with, our teachers.

Many organizations have come together to make the initiative possible. IDEAS xLab is working with the University of Louisville’s Center for Creative Placehealing and Center for Health Organization Transformation, both based in the UofL School of Public Health & Information Sciences (UofL SPHIS). UofL SPHIS faculty and students will also be involved, providing research support and a four-day public health training boot camp. 

WholeCommunityKY and the Kentucky Artist Innovator in Health Residency are made possible with support from the National Endowment for the Arts and a County Health Rankings & Roadmaps Community Collaborative Learning Fund award.

This website was developed with support from the Public Health Department of Garrett County in Maryland, as an adaptation of their Universal Community Planning Tool (UCPT).