Sculpture of the Climb

Senior Thesis outdoor work

A series of 6 tree sculptures were installed on the Amherst College campus as a part of my Senior Thesis Exhibition: Sculpture of the Climb.

1. Periscope Tree - two mirrors were installed in a hollow tree and a focal ring was positioned to draw the attention of passersby. The view into the ring was the view out of the tree from 14 feet up.

2. Yellow Rope Tree - A length of nylon yellow rope was used to wrap each limb used in a tree climb. The result is a mapping of the path and helpful aide in those who may climb the tree.

3. 3 Step Pericope - these periscopes provide 3 levels of view from up in the tree for those on the ground.

4. Focal Points - from the ground, these tubes focus the viewer's gaze to 6 different points along a tree-climbing path.

5. Snow Spiral - snow was piled and carved into a walkable snow spiral to gave access to the lowest limb making climbable a canopy that was otherwise unreachable.

6. Broken Rope Ladder - A tree fort with a broken rope ladder creates the desire to access the tree but eliminates the entry. The hope is to inspire a curiosity that would force the person to climb the tree instead to gain entry.

7. Rope Climb - the climbing rope cuts off 10 feet from the ground making it just out of reach. Again, the hope was to create the desire to climb instead.