Exuviae: an animal's cast or sloughed skin, especially that of an insect larva.

The human-like molted skins are left behind by a creature dependent on life in the trees to survive.

These tree installations began during my artist-in-residence at the Mary Anderson Center in Indiana. A permanent installation of Exuviae are on view at Coffman Park in Dublin, Ohio. Other installations have been exhibited at Yew Dell Gardens in Crestwood, Kentucky.

**UPDATE** 2022

In the summer of 2022, the Dublin Arts Council invited me to return to Dublin, Ohio to recreate 3 of the 4 Exuviae sculptures that have since fallen from the trees. I spent 2 weeks constructing sturdier sculptures before re-installing them in their original trees in Coffman Park. Please check them out along with all the works in Dublin’s award winning public art collection. Find out more at www.dublinarts.org/publicart/

I also led 2 public workshops on the tape casting method, installed an original Exuvia in the sycamore in front of DAC, and interacted with visitors in my outdoor studio.