Video Art, Fall 2017
#IamPublicArt - VR and light installation at New Albany, IN Riverfront for public art event. Students created the VR project as one group, then each individually created a short video with documentation from the event.

Character/Setting, A/B Roll

Short Film

3D Design, Fall 2017
Blind Contour 2D to 3D Translation - metal wire

Cardboard Chair Design

Sculpture: Time & Context, Spring 2017
Public Art Proposals

Psychogeographical Mapping - Inspired by the Situationists, the students executed their own Deríve, or wandering, wrote a reflection on their experience, and then created a sculptural mapping of the walk, focusing on the senses.

2D Design, Fall 2016
Sidewalk Chalk Instructions - inspired by Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings, students wrote instructions, traded and executed another student's project

Shoe Design by the Decade - Students went to see a sneaker exhibition at a local museum and then were given a decade to research and blank white canvas sneakers. They designed their shoes to have a name, brand, a related theme styled to their era if research.

Social Quilt - Inspired by Judy Chicago's International Honor Quilt, currently housed at the University of Louisville, the students had a chance to view the quilts and then design their own quilt triangle based on a social issue of their choice.

Student Work